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Levittown Memorial High School - In Memory

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We want to remember the good times with family and friends who are no longer with us.

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--Irene Klages

--Sandie Sahagan (2009)

--Robert Smith (1981)
Robert was married to Elaine Salkeld, they had five daughters at the time of his death.

--Judy Loftus (11/20/08)
Judy (Loftus) Moore passed away 11/20/08 as a result of cancer. She was 58 and is survived by her husband Larry and three young adult children, Max, Alex, and Sara Lea. Her time with uis was too short. Dave Loftus, brother
--Phillip Malfettone (2007)
we have lost a great person

--Joann Mazza (2006)

--Paul Brandon (January 7, 2010)
I will never forget you. "Sealed with a Kiss"
--Larry Whelan (2008)
You are missed every day

--Charlie Rhodes (6-2011)

--Edward Cordes Cordes (2005)
--James Mayberry (3-2010)
--Lt. Glenn Wilkinson (September 11, 2001)
On Spetember 11, 2001 you answered the call and gave your life attempting to save the lives of others at the World Trade Center. You are a true hero, God rest your soul and may he always be with your earthly family.

--Mike Levine (1985)
monk, you were the Willie Mays and the earl Monroe in sports in L.M.H.S. Off the field you were The Elvis, may you rest in peace for you left us too soon.

--Gary Farley (March 7, 1993)
Gary For making us laugh we will never forget you. You gave your life protecting others as a police officer for that you are a hero and we are sorry.
--Larry Licandro (1994)
--Helen Toomey (2007)
she was a great friend and everyone loved her rip we love you!

1974 friend
--Allen Cohen (1980)

--Vincent Interrante (1981)
You were definitely 1 of a kind! Fearless, Funny, Crazy, and Loyal to your friends and family. Your name comes up in many funny and crazy stories often. You are a legend and will never be forgotten.
--Robin Sandler (August 6, 2009)
We all love you and will miss our you sweet Robin!

--Joseph Granatelli (1981)
Never a day has passed without thinking of you.
--Thomas Larry (2006)
rip my friend
--Patricia Ruckert (1977)

--Gene (Gino) Gelormino (2008)
I could be wrong on his "class year" - you can google gino gelormino... i will always miss him.
--Don Herold (1987)
may be gone but never will be forgotten

--Robert Schreib (May 2006)

--John McGee (1989)
Still miss you dearly ... Your sister, Missy

--James Balistis (1983)
thanks jimmy you were a big part of our class hope your playing the bass in heaven, God bless

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